Mardi Gras Murder

Date:  March 4, 2003

Setting:  Gooden Plentie Memorial Library of the Arts

When the corpse of Lady Saralee Plentie, a wealthy socialite and widow, is found during a Mardi Gras gala in New Orleans’ French Quarter, it’s up to you and your teammates to solve the murder.  Meet the suspects…

Redmond “Red” H. Anndid, Esq., a prominent lawyer, is a longtime friend and employee of the Plentie family.  A renowned legal eagle, Red is known for his shrewd arguments, slick negotiating tactics, and charming personality.  He handles all matters relating to the Plentie estate, and recently had the sad duty of probating the will of Lady Plentie’s late husband.  Red dresses in finely tailored suits, adding a splash of color with bright silk ties and handkerchiefs.

Maude Hattur, the beloved cousin of Lady Plentie, is a genteel, cultured woman who frequents garden club lunches, elegant teas, and fine art shows.  Maude is as yet unmarried and still resides at Maison d’Plentie, the family’s ancestral home.  A sensitive, emotionally fragile creature, she recently went into seclusion for several months.  Maude wears delicate, flowery garments such as wispy dresses, white gloves, and wide-brimmed hats.

Glitter A. Plentie, the daughter of Lady Plentie and her late husband, Gooden, has blossomed into a stunning young woman.  Blessed with radiance and a fun-loving nature, Glitter has been named Queen of Mardi Gras for five years running.  She is the quintessential party girl, spending lavishly on grand amusements and gifts for her many boyfriends.  True to her name, Glitter enjoys wearing jewels (especially Mardi Gras beads), glittery makeup, and sparkling tiaras.

Owen Plentie, Glitter’s twin brother, shares his sister’s love of squandering the family fortune.  The epitome of the prodigal son, Owen spends his nights at seedy clubs and illegal casinos and his days (once he drags himself out of bed) at the racetrack.  Lady Plentie, while disappointed in her son, still clings to the hope that he will someday clean up his act.  Owen dresses casually and always carries sunglasses, a pack of cigarettes, and a flask of bourbon.

Macon D. Gumbeau, a locally famous chef and restaurateur, is the owner of Macon’s Mudbug Café, the French Quarter’s finest Cajun eatery.  Macon is both a hard-working perfectionist and a flamboyant character, often making guest appearances on TV cooking shows.  Recently, Lady Plentie hired him to cater an upcoming Mardi Gras party at the Gooden Plentie Memorial Library of the Arts.  Macon always wears his chef’s hat and apron while he works.

Violette Sarbleu, a highly sought after “escort,” is an alluring woman whose charm and good taste belie her rather unsavory occupation.  She is often seen on the arms of distinguished, eligible men (including Red), and she is paid handsomely for her companionship…and other services.  Violette lives far from the sleazy red-light district in an expensive uptown apartment, and dresses in beautiful, low-cut gowns of blue or lavender, her favorite colors.

Reverend Pyle O. Cash, a televangelist and faith healer, is the charismatic host of Praying for Dollars, a popular religious TV show.  Funded entirely by donations from Pyle’s loyal viewers, the program features inspiring sermons, heavenly gospel music, and at least one miracle per week.  Pyle often preaches about the evils of sin and is always ready with a rousing Bible verse.  He often wears suits in shades of powder blue or white, ruffled shirts, and gold jewelry.

Mrs. Faith N. Cash, Pyle’s devoted wife, is a woman of quiet strength and great piety.  Faith lends her angelic singing voice to the choir on Praying for Dollars and gives mini-sermons on topics ranging from marital fidelity to hair care.  A surprisingly savvy businesswoman, she recently launched “Beauty of Faith,” a line of glamorous cosmetics.  Faith models her vibrantly colored products whenever possible, and (of course) donates all of her profits to Pyle’s ministry.

Madame Jujubé, a mysterious Voodoo priestess, is the proprietress of Chicken Feet for the Soul, an eclectic curio shop in the French Quarter.  This unique store offers everything from whimsical trinkets to elegant jewels to creepy Voodoo spell components.  Mme. Jujubé also sells her services as “spiritual advisor” to a variety of clients including Lady Plentie.  An entrancing woman, Mme. Jujubé enjoys wearing antique jewelry and clothes made from pale, shimmering fabrics.

Antonia “Toni” Deff, a gifted singer and entertainer, appears nightly at jazz clubs throughout the “Big Easy.”  Descended from a long line of legendary musicians, Toni is known for her amazing vocal range, soulful interpretations, and playfulness on stage.  A true diva, she brings a touch of the theatrical to all that she does.  Toni adorns herself in sultry, slinky dresses and tasteful yet breathtaking diamond jewelry.

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