Murder on the Strip

Date:  January 29, 2005

Setting:  Magic Fingers Museum, Library, and Casino

When the corpse of Wally “Magic Fingers” Literace, the flamboyant pianist, entertainer, and librarian, is found during a ritzy party on the Las Vegas Strip, it’s up to you and your teammates to solve the murder.  Meet the suspects…

Goldie Gerr, or “Mrs. Literace,” is the adoring wife – and number one fan – of the renowned performer.  The cute, bubbly Goldie met Literace last year at his Las Vegas lounge show, and romance quickly blossomed.  That night, the lovebirds said their vows before an Elvis-impersonating justice of the peace.  Goldie now helps her husband run the popular Magic Fingers Museum, Library, and Casino.  She prefers bright, sequined clothes and gaudy jewelry.

Tex S. Toste, king of the Las Vegas buffet industry, owns and operates two dozen of the most popular restaurants on and off the Strip.  Tex’s bustling eateries include the innovative Slots of Shrimp Buffet, where customers gamble for fried seafood meals dispensed from slot machines.  Young, gentlemanly, and full of southern charm, Tex is one of the city’s most eligible bachelors.  He owns an impressive collection of cowboy hats and bolo ties from his native Dallas.

Rita Emma Weap, an accomplished and savvy blackjack dealer, worked her way up from an off-Strip job at the Fool’s Gold Nugget Casino to her current position as senior dealer at Literace’s place.  Originally from Peoria, Rita moved to Vegas after divorcing her two-timing husband, Hugh Will Weap, and turned her love of gaming into a fun and profitable career.  Rita is usually seen wearing her casino uniform, which includes a vest and bowtie.

Shea D. Stuntz, a virtuoso magician and escape artist, appears nightly at the Huxtor Hotel and Casino.  Shea hails from New York, where he got his start at small-time venues performing sleight of hand gags and macabre stunts – often involving fake blood and gore.  But he sprang to notoriety when he survived thirty-three days locked in a used porta-john suspended from the top of Hoover Dam.  The mischievous Shea often wears black and always has a trick up his sleeve.

Darla N. Deekup, the popular country singer, is a true American success story.  She rose from a life of poverty in tiny Hooter Holler, Tennessee to write and record the hit tune, “Beer Guzzler’s Daughter.”  Dozens of top ten songs followed, and the glamorous, high-spirited Darla now headlines at the Grand Ole Opry and the Strip’s glitzy Venetian Blinds Hotel.  She even owns a theme park, Deekups o’ Fun.  Darla favors colorful western wear that accentuates her feminine assets.

Destiny M. Anafest, heiress to the Anafest fortune – the oldest money in Las Vegas – is the Strip’s most successful hotelier.  Her latest venture is the towering Troposphere Hotel, which features a dizzyingly high rooftop casino and lounge.  Destiny oozes charm and views every social encounter as a networking opportunity.  Her elegant designer gowns and diamond jewelry mask an icy, commanding businesswoman who has a knack for always getting what she wants.

Yul Selden Laph, the legendary stand-up comedian, has been a fixture on the Strip for decades.  He currently appears twice nightly at Little Caesar’s Palace, where he keeps ‘em in stitches with his old-fashioned mixture of celebrity impersonations, humorous digs at the audience, and knock-knock jokes.  Yul considers the late, great Grouchy Barks to be his comedy idol and chief inspiration.  He is rarely seen in public without his signature bowtie, suspenders, and cigar.

Fifi L’wuf, an exotic, mysterious woman of European descent, is a member of the prestigious traveling circus, Cirque du Strangé.  Now appearing with her troupe at the opulent Garbagio Hotel, Fifi and her trained French bulldog, Spike, amaze audiences young and old with death-defying acrobatics and engaging dance routines.  Fifi’s gracefulness and theatricality are enhanced by her unusual wardrobe, which incorporates feathers, animal prints, and face painting.

Larry Letchner, the founder of Playdate magazine, presides over an adult publishing empire from his lavish Beverly Hills mansion.  Larry’s swinging life has featured an endless string of wives and mistresses, and his high-rolling habits make him a regular at the Strip’s richest casinos – including his old friend Literace’s place.  When in town, Larry stays in the Garbagio’s swanky penthouse suite.  He sports either his trademark smoking jacket or flashy suits and gold jewelry.

Jackie Potts, a suburban soccer mom from Cedar City, Utah, loves visiting Vegas to play the slots and – hopefully someday – hit it big.  Despite her grand dreams, Jackie is a simple, down-to-earth housewife who dotes on her husband, K. Rock Potts, and their teenaged daughter, Honey.  Jackie budgets wisely, lodging at the Strip’s cut-rate Eroded Dunes Hotel.  Her favorite outfit consists of sweatpants, her “World’s Best Mom” T-shirt, and a fanny pack full of quarters.

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