Murder in Movieland

Date: May 16, 2009

Setting: Hollywood Library of Film and Television History

When the corpse of Britsy Cate Allsin, popular actress and Hollywood “bad girl,” is found during a red-carpet gala on the Sunset Strip, it’s up to you and your teammates to solve the murder. Meet the suspects…

Rose S. Wither, a legendary film actress, has long been considered Hollywood royalty. She got her start in such classics as Days of Beer and Begonias and Barefoot in the Dog Park and, at the tender age of 24, won a “best actress” Bosco for her memorable portrayal of a plucky southern belle in True Shrimp and Grits. Still as gracious and talented as ever, Rose frequently attends Tinseltown events and adorns herself in elegant gowns, designer pantsuits, and exquisite jewels.

Dr. Richie Rake, “plastic surgeon to the stars,” is both a successful M.D. and a celebrity in his own right. He appears weekly on the high-rated cable TV reality show, Botox® Doc: Burbank, and his legions of female fans can’t get enough of the handsome, magnetic heartthrob. Richie’s love life is the subject of endless speculation in the tabloids, as he tends to juggle several gorgeous young girlfriends at the same time. He wears fashionable clothes or scrubs.

Hera Wynn, the captivating star of TV’s action-packed Mitzi the Zombie Mangler, began her acting career as a “scream queen” in low-budget horror films before landing her current iconic role. Now a frequent headliner at sci-fi conventions, Hera delights her fans with stories from the set as well as fighting demonstrations using her character’s signature weapon, a magic axe. As sassy and sexy as her alter ego, she dresses in short skirts, leather jackets, and vivid makeup.

Woody Tannen, a former teen star on the classic family sitcom, Nine Is Too Many, fell on hard times in the years after his series went off the air. With money to burn and a reckless attitude, young Woody overindulged in partying, booze, and lewd behavior, and eventually hit rock bottom. Happily, he turned his life around, becoming a refined and prosperous Santa Barbara vintner. He often sports khakis and polo shirts bearing the logo of his winery, Holly-Woody & Vines.

Dot Edlein, the go-getting president of Dot’s “Edleiners” Talent Agency, combines her sharp instincts, positive attitude, and gregarious personality to land the best film and TV roles for her clients. She currently guides the careers of many noteworthy entertainers, including Rose S. Wither, Richie Rake, Hera Wynn, and Scarlett Phire. Dot accents her crisp business ensembles with fun, bright touches, courtesy of her trademark polka-dot accessories.

Scarlett Phire, an up-and-coming daytime TV actress, portrays the sultry, devious “Bliss Fuller” on the top-rated soap, The Young and the Promiscuous. As passionate and impish as her on-screen persona, Scarlett regularly appears in the gossip rags and seems to enjoy the media’s speculation about her wild love life. Currently, she has been romantically linked with the dashing Richie Rake. Scarlett’s wardrobe features vampy designs and the color red.

Swami Yadayadananda, a gifted yoga master and spiritual guide, has released a series of instructional DVDs to bring his teachings into the homes of his devotees. His latest offering, Yadayada-Yoga, vol. 6: Diggin’ Your Dharma, combines soothing music, strenuous body postures, prophetic insights, and gentle messages of peace and healing. A serene and altruistic individual, the Swami wears light-colored, flowing robes and a bindi on his forehead.

Harley Revin, an inspired tattoo artist, is the owner of Ignition Ink, one of the premiere body art shops in Venice Beach. Her edgy, striking designs grace the skin of some of L.A.’s best-known musicians, models, and actors, including Britsy Cate Allsin. The rough-and-ready Harley is also a motorcycle enthusiast, and can often be spotted riding her “hog” along the Pacific Coast Highway. She favors tank tops (to show off her tattoos), jeans, boots, and bandanas.

Phil M. Giek, a skilled and meticulous archivist, is director of the Hollywood Library of Film and Television History, the greatest resource of its kind in the L.A. area. Phil is the perfect man for his job, as he’s been a lifelong TV and movie buff, spending hours watching (and re-watching) his favorite videos and then creating and cataloging notebooks full of trivia. Not surprisingly, he doesn’t get out much, and wears the same nerdy, rumpled clothes for days at a time.

Cruz N. Gard, a limousine driver and security expert employed by Sentry City Safety Services, is Britsy Cate Allsin’s personal chauffeur and ever-vigilant protector. Thanks to a brief stint in the military, Cruz is well-versed in several forms of self-defense and qualified to operate a host of small weapons. Methodical, resolute, and uncannily stealthy, he reports to work in a black suit, dark glasses, and a wireless headset for quick communication with headquarters.

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