Murder on the Battery

Date: May 12, 2012

Setting: Five Burroughs Historical Library

When the corpse of Wadsworth “Wad” O. Bredd, ruthless business mogul and media star, is found during a library gala in Manhattan’s Battery Park, it’s up to you and your teammates to solve the murder. Meet the suspects…

Daly Bredd, the daughter of Wad and his ex-wife, Vonda Mora Bredd, abandoned her family’s affluent lifestyle for a bohemian existence on the Brooklyn streets. Once a promising Broadway dancer, Daly is now known for her outspoken performance art. She takes the stage nightly (even if her stage is a grungy sidewalk) and donates her meager earnings to the homeless. Daly scrounges her clothes from dumpsters and adorns them with counter-culture patches and buttons.

Manny Myles, a remarkable athlete, gained celebrity status by placing first among American men in the 2005 Metropolis Marathon. He followed that victory with awesome feats at races worldwide, landed a lucrative endorsement deal with Idoodis running shoes, and even competed (for charity) on season four of Superstar Trainee, Wad’s reality TV series. Manny wears running attire and accessories, including his latest medals and trademark STRONGARM gel bracelet.

Amanda Love, a popular journalist, writes “Love ‘n the City,” a frank and endearing lonely-hearts column, for New York’s weekly Gotham Gazette newspaper. She laces her no-holds-barred answers to readers’ relationship questions with stories of her own tragicomic, often blush-inducing romantic escapades. Amanda’s trendy wardrobe features an extensive array of designer shoes and her trademark heart-shaped jewelry, each piece a gift from one of her past (or current) suitors.

Arden T. Minyon, Wad’s personal assistant, coordinates his boss’ professional and social schedules with total efficiency. Perfectly organized and loyal to a fault, he prides himself on anticipating Wad’s every need and keeping the powerful man content and well-groomed at all times. Arden’s duties range from fielding phone calls to planning events to shampooing Wad’s infamous toupee. A fastidious dresser, he wears crisp suits, pretty ties, and an up-to-date wireless headset.

Miss Cookie Pye, a beloved entertainer, hosts the award-winning children’s program Rumpus Room weekday mornings on public television. With her gentle smile, creative spirit, and silly sock puppet companions, she presents stories, songs, and educational games that captivate her preschool viewers. Miss Cookie always dresses as her TV persona when making public appearances, sporting happy prints, comfy sneakers, and her oversized “Grab Bag of Giggles” for the kiddies.

King F. Harts, a dynamic force on the Manhattan music scene, got his start as a DJ at underground dance clubs. Thanks to his savvy song choices and smooth, sociable personality, King soon networked his way to the top and now owns Harts’ Diamond Club, the hottest nightspot on the Lower East Side. He tends to be surrounded by an entourage of pals, music industry promoters, sexy women, and assorted hangers-on. King’s cool urban threads are accented with plenty of bling.

Meg A. Rittern, a leading financial advisor and motivational speaker, wrote the hit self-help book, Steamroll Your Way to Wealth, and is a frequent guest on national TV talk shows. Her blunt yet sensible tips on money management and investing are mainly targeted at women, and Meg has made it her mission to empower her female disciples to thrive in the male-driven world of Wall Street. She favors sharp, stylish outfits with unique touches like dramatic leather jackets.

Sgt. Lorne Orter, a veteran homicide detective with the New York Police Department (25th Precinct), uses his grasp of the criminal mind and network of informants to doggedly solve each grisly case that comes his way. Hard-boiled, gruff, and jaded, Lorne combs dark alleys and neon-lit hotel rooms for clues, pausing only to indulge his two vices: cigars and doughnuts. He wears a trench coat over rumpled shirts, ties, and trousers, his weathered police badge clipped to his belt.

Satin Flouncé, a talented fashion designer, divides her time between her bustling Paris atelier and her chic SoHo loft. Satin’s haute-couture creations showcase her avant-garde sensibilities and flair for the dramatic. As she says (in her thick French accent), “Style, expression, color – in my garments, these things become one thing, vibrant and alive.” Naturally, Satin makes all her own clothes and always carries her seamstress supplies in case she witnesses a “fashion emergency.”

Rhoda Raige, a Staten Island native with a passion for fast cars, once had dreams of NASCAR glory. Behind the wheel of her souped-up Dodge Charger, Rhoda scored minor trophies in local races – until mounting debts forced her to trade in her stock car for a New York taxicab. She now drives customers through midtown traffic at hair-raising speeds, swerving insanely as she rants at other drivers. Rhoda wears her “lucky vest” and ID lanyard and never stops chewing gum.

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